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My dear friends...

Some ships I like...
Flutterdash No Text Stamp by buckfan902 Stamp: Rarity x Applejack V.1 by Mint-Berry-Crunch-69 Lyra x Bon Bon stamp by tofuudog VinylxOctavia Stamp by migueruchan Silver Belle by Zero-Janitor Appletiara Stamp by migueruchan SunDagio Stamp by SkycatcherEquestria Berry PunchxColgate Stamp by migueruchan Truffloo Ship Stamp by Goatpaste BabsxTwist Button by WolfCrestSox5X UranusxNeptune Stamp by Arcticwaters BellHopps stamp by Sketch-Shepherd Seiren x Crow Stamp by KaeMantis Cheryl x Natane Stamp by WeaverNocturne

Sentiments with which I concur...
Love is For Everyone ::Stamp:: by orange-ninja-punk I love Silver Foxes by WishmasterAlchemist BUT RARITY IS A SELFISH BRAT HOW DARE YOU by RainbowStriked I Luv Drowzee Stamp by WeaverNocturne NEW Support MLP Yuri stamp by S-Laughtur Jigglypuff Stamp by Fluffntuff Silver Spoon Support Stamp by SoraRoyals77 Beatles Stamp by YuviPotterMonster Bellwether stamp by Shivall dA furry stamp forest by XinnGadget I Luv Medicham Stamp by WeaverNocturne Michelangelo Stamp by Miha85 Retro Gamer Stamp by Sora05 Zodiac Stamp 'Cancer' by Sharkfold Ghost Stories Stamp by Pockaru Jirachi Love Stamp by SquirtleStamps Twist - stamp by never-coming-back Stamp: Mantis WTF by FoxlingTM I'm a frog by death-wishes


Can I Keep Him?
Aww, Snowshine made a new little friend!  I WONDER IF HER FAMILY WILL LET HIM STAY FOR DINNER

Snowshine fan extraordinaire Misago belongs to :iconmisagomonday:.  Snowshine belongs to Liz.  Frog helped! 

mlp:fim = Hasbro/Faust
Adoption Day
Adoption Day never goes well for little Sunset, and today's event is no small exception.  With all the foals dressed up in their nicest clothes to help impress the potential parents, those bigger kids just had to go and rough her up, getting her outfit dirty and disheveling her mane.  What's worse, she even gets a severe earful from the harsh Headmistress for failing to keep herself presentable.  Sunset finally flees from the cruel injustice of it all by smuggling herself away in one of her covert hiding places.  Fortunately, orphanage associate Starlight is privy to Sunset's secret sanctuaries, and comes to hang out.

More world-building for Sunset and Starlight via the JG-canon Lizcanon.

mlp:fim = Hasbro/Faust

Hello friends!  Just a quick note so say I'll be away from my computer until the weekend.  I'll be away on frog business.  Picture it a lot like this, only with a frog.


I'll still be able to lurk a bit on my phone, so your green pal will never be TOO far away!  Keep your muzzles clean.  ;)


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MustLoveFrogs Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2017  Professional General Artist
Thanks!  You're very kind!

Rarijack-hug by MustLoveFrogs
Darkimus-Primal Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2017
Hi, Here is an MLP In-Universe Retelling Crossover Story Saga Suggestion That I Highly Recommend for you to make.......
Story Saga:
Story Saga Title:
Crossover Between:
MLP G4 (Primarily) and X-Men (Film Series (20th Century Fox))
Story Saga Installments:
Original Timeline:
X-Harmonics (X-Men)
X2: X-Harmonics Aligned (X2: X-Men United)
X-Harmonics Meets My little Pony Friendship is Magic (X-Men Meets Equestria Girls)
X-Harmonics: The Final Stand (X-Men: The Last Stand)
X-Harmonics Origins: Princess of Friendship (X-Men: Origins Wolverine)
X-Harmonics: First Class (X-Men: First Class)
The Ronin Princess (The Wolverine)
The Princess Meets Princess Twilight (The Wolverine Meets Sci-Twi)
X-Harmonics: Days of Equestria's Past (X-Men: Days of Future Past)
New Timeline:
Pinkiepool (Deadpool)
X-Harmonics: Age of Apocalypse (X-Men: Apocalypse)
X-Harmonics Meets Kiala97's My little Pony NextGenVerse (X-Men Meets Equestria Girls Next Gen)
Illusion (Legion)
Old Mare Twilight (Logan)
Pinkiepool 2 (Deadpool 2)
New Nuquestrians (New Mutants)
X-Men: Extinction (X-Men Live Action TV Series (Fox))
Mare-Do-Well (Gambit)
X-Harmonics: Hypernova (X-Men: Supernova)
Pinkiepool 3 (Deadpool 3)
X-Ops (X-Force)
Starlight Glimmer (X-23)
Starlight Glimmer Meets Twilight-Sentry Family (Kiala97 MLP Next Gen) (X-23 Meets Sci-Twi-Timber Spruce Family (Equestria Girls Next Gen))
Crystal Flight (Alpha Flight)
Dimensional Exiles (Exiles)
Story Saga Premise:
Involves The X-Men Live Action Film Series Retold as if the Events Actually Happened in Universe with My little Pony: Friendship is Magic/Equestria Girls (Takes Place of Original Timeline) and Kilala97's My little Pony NextGenVerse (Takes Place of New Timeline) and Involves Actual MLP Characters Filling The Roles that The X-Men Film Series Characters Did For Example The Princess of Friendship Twilight Sparkle Fills The Same Role as Logan aka Wolverine did in the X-Men Live Action Films While Starlight Glimmer Fills the Same Role that X-23 Has/Will Fill in Logan and Her Future Solo Movie X-23.
Here are the Article Links Further Proving my point on this Suggestion:………………
and that is the MLP In-Universe Retelling Crossover Story Saga Suggestion That I Highly Recommend for you to make.......
Nuff Said.
TheOwlGoesMoo Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist…

So, uh, Sunset has a new business venture. She probably shouldn't bring it up with her roommates.
MustLoveFrogs Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2017  Professional General Artist
Is SunsetSushi a better ship-name than Sundagio? I feel like we should take a vote. XD
WalHye Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2017
How do I commision
MustLoveFrogs Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2017  Professional General Artist
Prices are over here.  PM me if you're interested!…
WalHye Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2017
You are best princess
MustLoveFrogs Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2017  Professional General Artist
We frogs DO make fine royalty!  <3
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WaspJestor Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2017
The Wasp makes another Sacrifice to the great Frog-san for her wonderful work she did! We hope this appeases said Frog!…
MustLoveFrogs Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2017  Professional General Artist

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