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Good evening, everyone.  This is Frog's dusty old human puppet Kae.  Got something important about which I wanna talk to you.

Change is inevitable and change can be good.  One big change in our day-to-day life involves a big overall-health-improving operation I'm going to be experiencing in a week.  Unfortunately, negative change threatens simultaneously, as we're now staring down an eviction notice.  Dealing with the physical and mental stress of an eviction whilst trying to heal from an operation isn't something that I can handle, so I have to do my best to rectify the situation we're in.  So I'm going to open up commissions again, which leads us to another positive change: new options for color pieces!

This time around, aside from the usual detailed color commissions you can purchase, I'm offering the option of very cool and artsy but less pricey amorphous or drop color.  Here are some examples of each:
Amorphous:    Falling        Heaven Help Me For the Way I Am...        Once Upon a Time...
Drop Color:    Candy Girl, You Are My World

Here's a comprehensive list of prices and examples:

Sketch: $30  +$20 per additional char
+$15 for amorphous color
Examples of sketches:  The Merry Prankster     Hide and Go Read (OC)

$50  +$40 per additional char
+$15 for amorphous or drop color
Examples of ink pics:   Horseplay     Pay Attention!

Full Color: $80  +$70 per additional char
Examples of full-color pics:    Crusaders of the Apocalypse    Kelpie Combat!

I CAN draw pone, anthro, anthro pone, human, animal, or monster.  Complex costumes or props may be subject to an upcharge.  Please NO vehicles, mecha, detailed backgrounds or extreme violence.  NSFW is fine with a few restrictions; we can discuss it.

The first week after my surgery I will probably be slow and painful, but after that I like to think I'll be able to make some great art during my recovery.  So let's get things rolling!  Please PM me if you're interested!

Apparently Siblings Day is a thing.  Hooray!  Let's celebrate, siren style!

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Hello friends!  Just a quick note so say I'll be away from my computer until the weekend.  I'll be away on frog business.  Picture it a lot like this, only with a frog.


I'll still be able to lurk a bit on my phone, so your green pal will never be TOO far away!  Keep your muzzles clean.  ;)
Good evening, humans!  Two quick matters to run by you before I hit the lily pad for some shut-eye.  One: Frog's [Descriptive Adjective] Thoughts will henceforth be referred to as the FrogBlog.  Be it known to all!  And two: Is anyone out there going to Everfree Northwest this year?  Kae's lovely wife Liz will be going and she hopes to meet some Bronies and Pegasisters of similar persuasions!
I've almost got them all finished, gang!  Thank you for the fantastic response.  Not going to bed until they're all done and posted!  Was hoping to complete all of this before midnight, but we may go into overtime...
Happy Saturday, friends!  I've just discovered on this fine early-weekend morning that we're about to lose our internet connection over here at the pond.  So in order to keep us rolling I'm launching a very special one-day-only sale on sketches!  Here's the deal...

Single character sketch commissions will be on sale today (Saturday) ONLY! One-char sketches will be sold today for $20 each...a $10 discount from my regular price!

As soon as your payment hits my paypal (and certainly when I've completed the piece in the queue before yours), I'll begin your pic.  Your art will be completed TODAY!

I will continue to take orders for this deal until I make enough to buy me some time with the internet provider, or until the day is over, whichever comes first.



No backgrounds, complex props or heavily detailed costumes.  I want to be able to get the product into your hands while it's hot and ready!

No ink or color at this time, for the same reason.  If you would like me to hang onto the original graphite piece for the possible addition of ink and/or color in the future, we can discuss it.

I can do anthro, pone, monster, animal or human.  Please no mecha (with the possible exception of Sweetiebot, I'm used to her!).

PM me if you are interested, and please be prepared to give me links and/or detailed descriptions of your char.  You MAY purchase multiple slots if you like, as long as you can pay up front.

NSFW is fine, though it will be posted on FA and not here.

Examples of my sketch work: Hide and Go Read (OC)   Moon Foal   Two For Stargazing    
(Please overlook the fact that the former is a two-char piece...I just think it's quite cool, hehe)

Finally, a short announcement to my preexisting customers: I'm deeply grateful to you for your continued patience.  Typically I wouldn't pull a stunt like this while I've still got pieces to finish for others, but I have to keep us on the air.  Please understand that your humble green pal means you no disrespect, and will continue to work diligently on all of her commissions.  <3
I found this today on Facebook.  Not that I'm complaining, but wither an anthro cat species in Equestria??  Also, does Horseworld need yet another (albeit fishy) Princess?  No.  Does EVERYONE need more Chenoweth in their lives?  Yes.

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Oh, let's do this!  It'll be fun.  "JG couples only, please!" she bolded and underlined within quotation marks.

Cute Couples Meme I found on :iconvindhov:'s page...

These couples have already been done!  Scroll down to enjoy!
Silverbelle    Twabs    Diamondbloom    Scuffle    Mauxie    Rarijack    Pepperbee    Sundagio   Octascratch    Lyrabon    Trissie and Derpy    Silver's Parents    Filthy and Yardley    Felonwood and Ponderosa    Boots and Chuuko    Fox and Frog!

Give me a couple and I'll tell you who holds:

The umbrella, when it rains 
The popcorn at the cinema - 
The baby, when it cries 
The ice cream cone, when they share 
The remote, when they sit down to watch a movie 
The basket, when they go shopping 
The door, on dates 
The other’s hand, most often 
Their breath, upon seeing the other on their wedding day 
The camera, when they take pictures together 
Who made the first move -
Who said ‘I love you’ first -
How often they fight -
Who's big spoon/little spoon -
What their nicknames are for each other -
Who's the better cook -
Their song -
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To those who are so inclined, have fun at the big football con.  X3
Hi humans!  A little food for thought from the grayest matter of your greenest pal!

I've been asked before which pic from my gallery was my own personal favorite.  Not necessarily the most skillfully drawn, or the one that has the most to say intellectually, but the one that brings the biggest smile to my face whenever I see it.  It stands to reason that, since I use this gallery first and foremost to draw things that make me happy, there are loads of pics that fit such criteria.  But when it really comes down to it, I just can't get over this little family photo.  If I was stranded on a deserted island with no other Must Love Frogs art (and presumably some manner of darkly comical amputation that rendered me incapable of drawing more), I would want this illustration there with me in some form.  I LOVE this pic.  X3
Baby Chase by MustLoveFrogs   

So here's where you come in!  Amongst the offerings in your own gallery, which piece do you most adore?  You can give me your reasons if you have any, or if the pic simply makes you feel all gut-loaded with happy for happy's sake, that's fine too!  

Kero!  <3
Sweet baby polliwogs, everybody, the contestants are super close!  If you haven't yet voted for your New Year's Lovin' JG couple, please do it quick!  It's still anypony's race, but not for long! 


Time for Frog's post-Yuletide creative thoughts, kids!  I'd like to do a little pic in honor of the upcoming arrival of 2017, and I want YOU guys to choose which JG couple gets to ring in the new year in shippy, sappy illustrated form!  Everybody can vote, and here a couple of simple guidelines...

-Please respond to this journal with the Junior Gala-relevant pairing you'd like to see featured in this special pic! 

-You can vote for two couples tops if you can't decide on just one.  Both of your votes will have the same clout.

-Please limit your votes to romantic couples who appear in the Junior Gala universe ONLY (this includes OCs).  Does that go without saying?  I think it should.  Ya like Sunset x SciTwi?  Well so do I.  But they don't hook up in JG so now's not the time.  Dig?

After an arbitrary number of days which will depend a lot on how long Kae stays at the office, I'll count the votes and you'll see the results when I post the pic!  Thanks humans!  <3 

Hi everyone.  We're having a lot of difficulty in the IRL, so I've decided to undertake more commissions!  Grab a slot and you won't just be getting some quality art, you'll also be helping out the artist and her family!

Sketch: $30, +$20 per additional character

Ink: $50, +$40 per additional character

Color: $70, +$60 per additional character

Complex costumes, weapons and/or props may be subject to an upcharge. No backgrounds. NSFW is fine as always, though if you're not sure whether I'll draw certain subject matter, just ask (furthermore, NSFW art will not be publicly posted on DA).
PM me if you're interested, and thanks!
As in, "Kae's spine" AND "Kae is making an attempt to return to you", dearest humans!

I'll set the scene: your sweet green pal Frog is getting awfully bored just sitting around all week, idly playing the banjo and plucking the wings off flies (and eating them separately; that's the best, isn't it?).  As we all know, idle flippers are the devil's playthings.  So our evolutionary dead end friend Kae has opted to ease herself into a little bit of production.  We'll make sure she takes a lot of breaks and doesn't attempt any funny business, like trying to escape or to use that funny high-pitched whistle that makes Sensei's ears and tear ducts bleed.  You humans and your wacky inventions!  I'm still trying to get over the Magic Bullet pulverizing blender, and then you guys come up with a thing like that!

All chicanery aside, thanks so much to everyone who wished Kae well this week.  Your patience and understanding is paramount.  And thanks also for continuing to comment on our art!  We'd respond to every single comment if we could (and believe me, we try!).        
Hello friends.  This is Kae.  :>

Commissions are moving along (JG concept work too, of course!), but I've hit a slight roadblock.  I have back problems, and they've flared up pretty badly.  I've been instructed to take it easy for a while and, among other things, avoid hanging over my desk like a damn hunchbacked artist.  I'm going to rest up for the remainder of the week (they'd prefer I abstain longer, but I don't see that happening).  Then I'll start drawing again.  Everyone's commissions are on their way, and you will love them!  But in reality Kae is not a young Brony and has to take care of herself too.  Dead men don't buy dog food, after all.  
Happy Sunset Shimmer Day!  I probably would have drawn something nice in celebration, but I had to work.  Can you believe they still make you go to work on Sunset Day in this country?  I tried citing religion but they weren't having it...
Howdy my hairless yeti friends!  Commissions are closed as of now.  Thanks so much for the very positive response! 

I can be a little slow to produce, but slower pizza's more luscious, and the King of Spain never rushes.  If you don't see you your order right away, please realize that while I do my best, I'll never skimp on quality for the sake of a faster product!  Also, please consider the fact that surly old Uncle Kae works two jobs and has a nasty ZippFizz habit to feed, and she ultimately holds the stopwatch, the purse strings AND the business end of the cable modem.

So keep it tuned to channel JG, fine viewers!  As always I'll do my frog-damnedest! 
Hey brony people!  Just wanted to let you know that as of tonight, commissions are officially open!  Slots are limited, so get yours while they're hot and PM me here on DA if you're interested!

Link to info and pricing:…
Greetings, my piously patient, pony-partial primate pals!  The wait is over!  No longer must you desperately wile away the hours and days of your fragile human lives, waiting for that all-important equine-related slice of pop culture to return to you.  By this I can surely imply only one clear and obvious conclusion--the Junior Gala/ MustLoveFrogs July hiatus is officially over!

I'm not sure what Kae was doing all month.  It looked boring and expensive.  Heavy objects were lifted.  I only care so much.  What I do care about is the new pone art that should be on its way to your inbox real soon.  So don't touch that dial, click that mouse nor swipe that phone screen thingy.  Frog and friends are back, so let the arting commence!
Hello humans!  This is an important announcement from all of us responsible for the Junior Gala 'verse.  Starting on July 1st and in effect until the beginning of August, Kae has announced a voluntary internet blackout at her place.  Fox-Sensei and I will no doubt undertake some exciting whirlwind adventure abroad whilst Kae buckles down on some lousy IRL un-fun grown-up stuff that needs her full concentration.  During this time she, and we, will not be available on any of our gallery or social media sites.

This is by no means a goodbye letter!  This a very temporary situation that will be done with by the end of July.  We are not dumping the comic, this site, ponies, DA and/or FA, nor the internet in general.  In fact, we will still be checking email a couple times a week for business purposes.  If you think you may have a very important reason to contact us during July, please send a PM for our email address before Thursday.

There's a good chance we will still be making art during the blackout month, so please join us again in a few weeks for what I hope will be a bunch of new and delightful posts.  I am very happy to have gotten in one more page of JG before the blackout, one way or another!

Much love, pony friends!  Take care, and we'll see you in August.  Kero kero! <3
Hello DA friends!  This is Kae (or KaeMantis to those in the know), and very shortly it'll be time for this year's Anthrocon.  Liz and I will selling art there, so here's a handy meme to outline our intentions. 


~Where are you staying?

~What day are you getting there?
Thursday at some point

~How long are you going?
We'll leave Monday morning.

~How are you traveling?
Low and lazy in the Lizmobile!

~Who will you be rooming with?
Liz and Palelady (known on DA as :iconmommashy:)

~Who will you hang out with during the convention?
Mi bro :iconasuraludu: and mi babe Del...hopefully a few others too!

~How is the best way to find you?
Dealer's table O15...mushed up against some wall.  Look hard for me under the KaeMantis banner!

~If I see you, how should I get your attention?
Say something to the tune of "Hello Kae, I'm pleased to meet you!"  Then smile politely yet sincerely.  You can practice in the mirror a few times if you think it will help.

~Are there any panels/events you might be attending?
Nope, just dealin'.

~Will you be going to parties?
It's a working vacation, so no.

~Are you mated/in a relationship?
Married to the Liz.  <3

~Can I hug you?
Unless I know you well, please do not hug me.

~Can I talk to you?
You may!  However, if I am very busy and trying to work, please do take it personally if I am not very conversational.

~Can I give you stuff?
There's not much I need, aside perhaps the occasional bottle of water.  And Liz would rarely turn down a root beer!  :3

~Are you doing art at this convention?

~Where will you be most of the time during the day/s?
The dealers' room

~Can I come with you for food/fun/etc?
There won't be much frolicking in evidence for me.  But feel free to come around to buy some art!

~Can I take your picture?
Please never take my picture.

~What's your goal(s) for the con this year?
Not staying up until the crack of dawn like some kind of deranged college student.  Aside from that aspiration, makin' lots of art!

Hope to see you there!  As that little wifi-thieving twerp that only I can see would say, kero! <3